Benefit Erase Paste Review

Benefit erase paste has been part of my make up bag for many years, it’s not a product I use daily any more but it’s definitely something you want in your make up bag. Erase Paste is a brightening camouflage for your eyes and face, the creamy formula conceals and brightens all in one step and comes in a handy little tub. The product itself targets dark circles, discolouration and imperfections. They come in 3 shades so you should find a match for your colouring, personally I have shade 01 – fair.


I use this product on the dark circles under my eyes, make sure your fingers are warm and then get a little product on the tips, gently dab the erase paste under your eye on the dark circles. Once you have done that blend gently don’t pull at the skin under your eye as this skin is very delicate. Too much product will give you that caked look which I’m sure your trying to avoid. I also use this when I’m having a less that perfect skin day, its great for concealing spots and blending them in before putting on your foundation. If you haven’t tried it then you should it will save you on those spotty days or they days you just haven’t had much sleep.