Illamasqua : Australia Fight For Fair Beauty Price – Help Your Fellow Make Up Lovers

While checking Twitter tonight I came across Illamasquas tweet about fighting for a fair beauty price, intrigued by the title I followed the link to their Facebook page and was shocked at what I was reading. I always thought that our make up prices were quite high so to read that in Australia they pay up to 61% more than we do came as quite a shock. As they state when we pay $24 dollars for a lipstick in America they pay $40, how is this fair?

Illamasqua themselves been a British brand have heard this from the Australian customers they distribute to, about how high the cost of products to them is compared to the rest of the world. I for one will think twice about complaining again now knowing how fellow beauty lovers are much worse off than myself.

They have now started an online petition in which they hope to slash prices across their entire range, all they are asking in return is for Australian customers to commit to still purchasing their products. Will you fight for a fairer price?


Click on the picture to go to their Facebook page and help them fight for a fair price for all our fellow make up lovers, make up bloggers and any one who wants to pay a normal price for some great make up.

To see their collections and what they sell take a look here.