Bourjois Magic 1 Second Nail Polish Remover Review

Anyone who loves wearing nail varnish will tell you what a pain it is removing and re-applying new nail varnishes, out comes the cotton wool and bottle of nail varnish remover or the pre-soaked pads and then soaking your nail until the colour finally budges. I use to use little bottles similar to this in my teens, the bottle contains a sponge soaked with nail varnish remover and all you had to do it put a finger in at a time and twist to remove the varnish from your nail. Of course the older versions from my teens were never that quick and might take more than 1 turn but still did the trick. Bourjois Magic 1 Second Nail Polish Remover removes the varnish from your nails in 1 second per nail, impressed?….I am.


I bought mine on an introductory offer for £3.99 and it was money well spent. It really is as easy and quick as it says obviously a bit longer for the stubborn dark nail varnishes to really get them clean. I love how convenient this bottle is, no cotton wool needed. The formula is acetone-free so its gentle on your nails, contains nourishing almond oil and paraben-free. What else can you ask for?. The best thing about this for me is it cant be spilt, when you have two kids this is a saviour.