Collin Resultime : Regenerating Collagen Gel Review (July GlossyBox )

I received this product in my July GlossyBox, it is hailed as a multitasking superhero as the product contains 15 key skin molecules. The gel will regenerate and preserve the youthfulness of the skin, boost cell and tissue metabolism and reinforce all of the skins structures by hydrating, smoothing and plumping the skins surface. Either use as a daily serum or a sleep mask.



I used the product as a daily serum after cleansing, it definitely smoothed and hydrated my skin. I didn’t really see any other benefit beyond that so a normal serum is enough for me. I found the product a little too think for my skin and it felt clogged so its not the best product for me.

How did it work on your skin if you’ve used this?