Chemical Alert for Lipsticks & Other Make Up Essentials

Hiya Guys,

As always this isn’t here to worry you but I want to keep you up to date with anything in the media to do with make up findings such as these so here’s what I’ve read today, there has been findings that a chemical called triclosan which is mostly used in lipsticks, tooth paste and face washes. Its thought that this chemical may cause heart and muscle problems, it is found in may household products and the chemical is thought interfere with the way muscles receive signals from the brain.

It’s only thought to affect health at a certain dose but both health regulators and other experts insist that the levels in our make up are safe and will not hinder our health in any way. Previous studies showed that the chemical may have links to thyroid and fertility problems but has only now been linked to muscle problems. It was thought by scientists had thought that the chemical which was devised to prevent bacterial infections in  hospitals was metabolised quickly by the body without any harmful after effects. But researchers at the University of California say it could remain active and be transported to organs, causing damage.

It doesn’t look like anything to worry about but as always it better to know in advance.

If you want to read the article please go to the DailyMail website.