Gatineau Essential Skin Corrector Review ( Lux Box July)

A thick luxurious cream which is said to smooth out first signs of wrinkles and improve the radiance and comfort of your skin. The brand is well known for its advancements in anti-ageing and their skincare range offers an anti-ageing shield that offers complete protection internally and externally. Its to be used morning and evening which I have now been doing for the last week, here’s what I thought:



I loved this product for the fact it does exactly what it says, my skin was much more radiant that usual and smoothed my skin without leaving a heavy feeling to it. The cream was absorbed so easily into my skin but I did let it warm in my hand for a couple of minutes before applying it to my face. I’d love to keep using this especially with some very important events coming up. Its currently 20% Off here so I may make the most of that deal. There’s nothing like been told how good your skin looks when you’ve been up late a couple nights in a row.