MUA BB Cream Review

I’ve been using the MUA BB Cream for a quite a while now so I think its about time I can give you my opinion on it. It’s funny considering a couple of months ago I hadn’t even tried one BB Cream but now I’ve lost count of how many I’ve tried. If you want to see a full explanation on what BB Creams please check my post on Maybelline BB Cream which gives a full description of the history of BB Creams.

Inspired by Asian Beauty Balms, our brand new MUA BB Foundation is a full coverage foundation containing a multi-functional formula that conceals, brightens and evens out skin tone for a perfect complexion. Its great range of shades will adapt to suit all skin tones. Apply with a big dense brush and buff into the skin for the perfect flawless finish. Easily the hottest and best product in your handbag – it’s the perfect size too!

Up until this week it came in 3 shades, Light, Medium and Dark. MUA have just launched 5 new shades for those of us that are in between colours, the shades are:

  • Light Rose
  • Medium Rose
  • Medium Dark
  • Dark Rose
  • Caramel



For a BB Cream this ranks pretty high on my list, it covers very well and evenly which is always a good start. The shade matches my skin quite well so I’m looking forward to the new shades that are coming out so I can give them a test. The cream itself it quite thick, I apply with my fingertips so I let it warm in my hand first and then apply, this tends to make it easier to apply and give it a better consistency. At only £4 this is a really good product and worth a try especially if its your first BB cream.