Bettyhula Products Review – Lux Box August

I have found one of my favourite products since the August Lux Box landing on my doorstep. As soon as I opened the box there was this gorgeous smell so I must have looked so silly smelling each product until I found the one radiating the scent. The product in question was the Bettyhula Champagne & Spice Shea Butter Moistering Cream, the smell is what got my attention but there is so much more to this amazing product.


The cream itself was thick, creamy, soft and melted easily into my skin. The smell lingered the perfect amount noticible but not overwhelming. Full of natural ingredients that are good for your skin, I felt the difference in my skin after the first couple of days using this and its true what it says on the skin “no man can resist”. Its even suitable for skin complaints as well as for mums to be. This is more than worth the try, you wont regret giving it a try.

Available at enter the discount code ” SAVEINSEPT ” for £5 off when you spend £40 or more. Valid until September 30th. Or enter ” EARLYAUTUMN ” for £2 off when you spend £20.