Review: Garnier Ultimate Blends

Earlier this month I was sent a new product to test, this hair care range couldn’t have come at a better time as my hair has needed a new lease of life for a while and apart from dyeing some shine back into it I could not find a product that was less extreme than dyeing it. Throughout ┬áthe years I have always had to change my hair care routine as once my locks get use to the same process I find they no longer have any effect on my hair. Since pregnancy with my son my hair would not cooperate at all in any way it seemed to have been taken over by some unnatural source and spent most of its time up in a bobble. So when I received a package from Garnier to test their new Ultimate Blends products I was hoping this would be the product I had been waiting for.


I was sent the colour illuminator products which are the red packaging, there are 6 different sets to choose from and are aimed towards something specific.

Lets start at the beginning, to everyone it may not be the most important but believe me if you don’t like the fragrance of your shampoo you’ll soon have plenty to say. The fragrance of this set was amazing and exhilarating, from the moment the shampoo was in my hand the smell surrounded me and took over my shower. The scents of argan oil and cranberries really made me senses tingle.

I can always tell when a product is right for me, when a shampoo is right for example after lathering and rinsing my hair feels squeaky clean… literally. This is what I had with this product my hair was this clean after one shampoo. The next test then is if the conditioner restores that softness without making it feel almost greasy, which was achieved once again my hair was soft. I then used the illuminator for that conditioning boost which definitely helped restore that healthy glow to my hair. All three products were perfect for my hair type and I would happily use them again (which I plan to do.)

The shine was restored and lasted 5 days, in our British weather this is an accomplishment through days of rain, wind and whatever else is thrown at us. I would recommend this range to anyone looking for a new product either because they want to try something new or like me your usual products have let you down. I am going to continue using these products and hopefully I’ve found the one that will last. Overall this product is worth trying beyond any doubt just make sure you pick the right one of the 6 that will bring out the best in your hair.