Review: Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation

I received a sample of this product from latest in beauty, I had to go digging for more information on the product before I actually used it as no information came in the box.

Review Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation

Review Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation

This multi-tasking translucent foundation which will leave your skin with a dewy glow. It comes in two shades that can be used separately or combined together to get your perfect complection match.
No Foundation Foundation diffuses imperfections, corrects skin undertones and minimises the apperance of fine lines and pores over time with regular use of course.Extra bonuses are it is mineral based and has SPF30.

When I first put this on my skin I wasn’t quite sure the colour matched my skin but with minimal effort the colour adapted to my skin tone.  I was left with bright, youthful looking skin but I’m not use to havinh glowing skin and to me my skin just looked oily. This calmed down after a while and it looked more natural so if there are any other girls with oily skin reading this, give it a chance first. Its a good product but it wasn’t enough coverage to me, Its light coverage and I prefer a little bit more. Also even though the product is unperfumed I could smell the product, I find this with some products and have ended up just not been able to use them because I don’t like been able to smell it all through the day. It wasn’t unpleasant but it wasn’t nice either.

Overall I would use this product but not on a daily basis for the reasons above. I think I’ll stick to my foundation for this one.