Pop Vinyl Hunt: Smyths

We went on a POP Vinyl Hunt today it was a really fun time finding all the new items that were on offer.

It all started from a rumour that Sainsburys is going to be stocking Funko POP! as part of their Fathers Day Promotion. Some stores had already rolled them out and others had no clue about it so we had to investigate naturally.

To our disappointment there was no sign of anything in our local Sainsburys store and we had heard some stores have been lucky to have a few Metallic Chase Jokers in. After some digging and a conversation with Sainsuburys Twitter Team we discovered that even though they have the stock they’ve been told not to sell until it’s closer to fathers day.

So disappointed and empty handed we thought that’s where the day would end and went to get some new shelving but still needed a POP! Fix. This took us to Smyth’s Toy Store and thank God it did.

We have been to this particular shop a good few times checking in every now and then to see if they have any hidden gems but today was an extra special surprise. They must have just had a delivery in and now had a full section of Inside Out figures from the new film and so the promo stand was the fullest we had seen it.

We thought this was amazing in its self lots of pops to choose from is always a good thing but as we walked around the store we just found more and more hidden in different sections they had clearly run out of space on the stand and decided to spread them out but this was awesome and it became a little bit of a treasure hunt.

Going from section to section seeing if there was any pops hiding on the shelves, we found WWE, DC, Frozen, and to our delight Cinderella.

Cinderella came home with us as our girls love the new film, our collection is growing so fast . Here they are now proudly on their “Out of Reach” shelf 😀

Cezz AKA Droidbeard